Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mythic Fate Chart Variant

I realize that some visitors to this blog might not know what Mythic is so I wanted to give some links that give a brief description and sense of the game.

Here is the official webpage with some info

You can buy mythic in print and pdf here

use the code 'PIRATA' to get 15% off whether you purchase the pdf or the print version until Sept 21

This is probably my favorite AP of a Mythic session. Really gives you a sense of why it works.

I would recommend either Mythic Gamemaster Emulutor or Mythic Dynamic Roleplaying(earlier version that includes the core rules that actually work very well with the emulator). The later version (Mythic GM Emulator) has some minor changes that are nice improvements. Mythic Variatiions is great too with some nice additions that really aid play.

The Mythic RPG Yahoo group is worth joining. There are some great fan made tools and tables (highly recommend 'Description Word List') and some insightful forum discussion threads.

What I describe below will make more sense if you've read the rulebook or played Mythic.

For my style of game, I prefer a simpler version of Mythic. Here is my variant adapted and inspired by Free Universal Roleplaying dice system:

Do away with the Fate Chart (so no cross referencing). You'll need 3d10 instead of 2.

50/50 1d10
10 - Yes, and (or exceptional yes, whatever you prefer)
7-9 Yes
6 - Yes, but (or you can choose just yes if you want to keep it more in line with Mythic. I prefer adding 'but', adds more complexity IMO)
5 - No, but
2-4 - No
1 - No, and(or again exceptional no)

 Somewhat Likely
10 - Yes, and
6-9 - Yes
5 - Yes
4 - No, but
2-3 - No
1 - No, and

roll 2d10, same as 50/50 but highest die stands as official result

Very Likely
roll 3d10, same as 50/50 but highest die stands as official result

Sure Thing

9-10 Yes, and
3-8 Yes
2 - yes, but
1 - no

Somewhat Unlikely
10 - Yes, and
8-9 Yes
7 - Yes, but
6- No, but
2-5 No
1 No and


2d10, same as 50/50 lowest die stands

Very Unlikely

3d10, same as 50/50 lowest die stands.

Almost Impossible

10 - yes
9 - no, but
3-8 - no
1-2 - no, and

On the official Mythic Fate Chart there is no 'somewhat unlikely' but I wanted both positive chances and negative chances to balance equally. That's just my preference and I know that the odds are not completely accurate to the Fate Chart but it's close. The purpose of this method is to cut down on the cross referencing and speed up play.

So how do I handle a Fate Chart random interrupt?

Instead of depending on obtaining a double result, roll a d10 at the beginning of every scene(the roll also used to gauge whether there is a altered/interrupt scene which is detailed below). If that same number is rolled whenever asking a subsequent "Fate" question then there is a 'Fate"random interrupt within the scene.
The interupt scene is still triggered if its under the Chaos Factor.

Stick to the Chaos Factor rules and follow the original scene modifier rules as well. Evaluate the scene - did it end chaotically? raise it. No? lower it. But of course you are not changing the likelihood of yes or no answers on the fate chart when asking questions.

If you are attached to the chaos factor affecting question outcomes then the above rules might not be for you.

I'm planning on writing up some APs soon. They may not be as detailed as the example I have linked above but I'll at least give some summaries and impressions. More on that soon.

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Anonymous said...

Can you explain how mid-scene random events work in more detail? I'm having a hard time figuring out just what you mean by that.

Are you saying to roll a die at the beginning of the scene and random events only occur on a fate roll that matches this 'chaos' die, and the chaos factor is ignored? Or something else? Does the chaos factor only have an impact on checking to see if the scene is interrupted at the very beginning?

Any clarification you can give would be helpful!