Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Basic Fantasy Roleplaying FTW!!!

I totally have been MIA for a while. I do plan on doing some updates soon and I apoligize for the delay in posting. I've been working on some huge work related projects over the past few months and have had barely any time to catch up on blogging.

Anyway money conscience gamers might be interested in this:

So my favorite retro clone is Basic Fantasy Roleplaying. There are several reasons for this: It combines old school rules with a few modern tweaks. It has race/class options rather than single classes (a la Moldvay) and overall it is well written. Also, no one is trying to make a profit on these editions and it is clearly a labor of love.

I just ordered my copy via Amazon for the princely sum of 4.62 with free shipping via Prime membership. The price is 4.62!!!!! Order!!!

Apparently, the modules are being set up on amazon as well. I have Morgansfort and the Caverns of Chaos which are both nice modules written in the style of Keep on the Borderlands.

Get them!

Everything you need in order to play D&D is in the core rules. There are TONS of supplements and adventures on the Basic Fantasy Roleplaying website for free. The rules of course are free too but 4.62 for a 160 page softcover is not bad at all. It's a good reminder that gaming should be about having fun and you don't need to drop $120 to start playing. In fact, this may inspire me to purge my all RPG books that essentially serve the same function and stick with the basics instead. I'll of course keep T&T and you would need to pry my Rules Cyclopedia from my cold dead fingers before I give it up ;)