Saturday, September 22, 2012

Conclave Kickstarter

I've been playing Pocket Heroes on the Iphone for the past month. While initially I liked this game, my friend and I have overall been quite disappointed. I love the idea of asynchronous play in a RPG (great for busy schedules like mine) but having played for a month I'm honestly bored with the game. It's a total grind fest.

This is the asynchronous rpg game I've been looking for. Much deeper story, party choices via voting, better graphics, can be played on any platform (run through a browser so it can be played on a smart phone too) and it's asynchronous(you do not have to be playing in realtime - think 'words with friends'). There is only 12 hours left on the kickstarter and still has to 30% funding required. You can actually play the game here: (13 quests at this point). If you join the game (again it's free) let me know what your username is and I will join your party. Also consider funding the kickstarter too - for a $10 contribution you have full access to the full game once it goes live. 

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