Friday, August 31, 2012

Tunnels & Trolls Combat Mod

In the 7.5 rules, damage dealt can be distributed to the recipients in whatever way the winning side(or GM) sees fit. This is a brilliant little rule because of course it begs to then be justified in a narrative.

What results is that I could see it be tempting to deal all of the damage towards the most powerful character when fighting multiple opponents, attempting to take them out first. Now combat in real life doesn't exactly work this way. People are often defended or protected by others.

Here is a optional mod to shake combat up and to address what I described above

When making your combat roll add yet another colored d6 to determine the following results:

If PCs win then on a:

6 - strongest enemy takes at least 75% or more determined by PCs
3-5 - damage division is determined by party
2 - damage dealt equally
1 - weaker characters take a 75% or more(divided equally if more than 1)

If the enemies win then:

6 - weaker character takes at least %75 or more damage (divided equally if more than 1)
3-5 damage dealt equally
2 - players choice as to how damage is dealt. (describe a sacrifice or 'jumping in front of a bullet' maybe?)
1 - strongest character takes at least 75% of damage or more

This obviously can be tweaked for balance and I need to try it out in action just to verify what I think could work well.

Especially with solo play, this table can prompt a another simple way to narrate combat(how do the weaker characters take more damage? what happens?) based on results and give a very simple random AI to monsters based on the d6's results. It could even suggest enemy movement in a very loose way.

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