Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dragon Dictation and Solo Play

Here's an idea that someone posted over at the Mythic Yahoo Forums as a tool for playing solo. Use this app on your iPhone and record your session while you play as journal entries or summaries.

I think using a journal could aid solo play. It encourages more of a focus on narrative as well as 'writing' APs or game logs super easy - just have to edit. This I think could allow for more episodic and shorter sessions since it's much easier to pick up where the last session ended.

Here are two games that use a journal mechanic and would work well with Dragon Dictation:

Swords_of_the-Skull-Takers  I want to write more about this game in length after I've played it (just read through the rules twice). I really am excited by the mechanics and the game world. Could easily be adapted to Zombie Survival horror, or an Aliens type session.

De Profundis I have yet to finish reading the rules for this one but from what I understand it is all based on writing journal entries whether playing it Gmless with another person or solo.

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