Monday, August 20, 2012

Some Inspiration for Solo Play

So I'm a Dungeon World Kickstarter contributor and there has been some great kickstarter rewards coming my way. I like Dungeon World a lot and hope to run it if I ever get around to getting people willing to play with me. I especially like it's simplicity. It calls for an improvisational/off the cuff style of play without much adventure design or 'work'. Really great stuff and I highly recommend getting a copy once it goes free or check this link here for the latest version of the pre release rules compiled by a fan:

People have been releasing 'Dungeon Starters' which are essentially basic  elements or ingredients that a GM can use to improvise an adventure from. Kickstarter backers got a whole slew of them as one of the rewards. This one should be available to everyone though(I found it in the forums but it also happens to be one of the Dungeon Starter that was released as a reward). Check out this one::

and this has a better format but is a little different(maybe better):

Seriously cool  stuff. I could see this being used to play solo. You start by asking one of the questions that acts as the adventure seed and then use Mythic or bust out the FU dice mechanics and let that guide your story while using your favorite rules lite fantasy ruleset (I recommend Tunnels and Trolls, or Swords and Wizardry). Impressions, People, events, obstacles, places are all compiled in two pages - all the ingredients for an adventure. You could either make these into random tables, make your own custom Mythic Event Focus Table based on all the adventure elements, or use my adventure deck idea which I've written about before. Maybe throw in about 30% random events based on the Mythic Action Tables to heighten the element of surprise. The custom moves even provide specific events (and read like a Fighting Fantasy entry) with multiple outcomes. Anyway these are on my mind and I'm getting some serious inspiration from them. Possibly a great way to create a specific world, adventure scenario for random solo play

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