Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monster AI

Check out the combat tracker from Old School Hack that I'm using:

Love this thing. It keeps combat from being too tactical and drawn out but also gives a visual representation so its not all in your head. I find that handling monster AI is much easier too. You have 7 options in OSH for combat in turn order:

1. Defend
2. Shoot
3. Focus or Impede (usually preparing to cast)
4. Move
5. Attack
6. Push or Throw
7. Focused effects (basically casting a spell)

I've been messing around with giving Monster's basic AI for combat. They each have a law such as:

Brutal: Attack closest hero randomly (those in the attack hex or move towards those shooting or casting)
 Pack: Every monster attacks attacking character (roll 1d6 to decide who if there is more than one PC)
...and others

 I've been using the Monster AI tactics (or laws as it's called in the rule book) from the free to print board game Dungeon Plungin. It's worth a download to check out the monster laws.

I also am working on a very simple visual flow chart for monster decision. Almost dead - flee?(roll 1d6 yes/no). Shooters are getting there asses handed to them - do attackers rush to defend? etc

Occasionally a monster might act totally randomly as well (roll 1d6 - 1-2 attack, 3 defend, 4 flee, 5 push etc)

Also if anyone is having trouble posting comments let me know. Email me at the address listed in my profile and let me know - that would be appreciated. 

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DaveL said...

I like this a lot. Always looking for solo gaming aids, and this looks like it will be very useful. Thanks for posting!