Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update on my Solo play design

So I've been testing out my solo card system that I wrote about in January. I'll write more soon to detail new mechanics and ideas that I've been messing around with. Here's a small teaser of sorts:

Check these out:

I've been using these blank playing cards and I find they work very well. I can write on them with a dry eraser marker and I'm able to wipe them clean. Sometimes when I shuffle the cards, the ink smudges a bit but it always seems legible.

I also have a deck of playing cards from Dollar Tree. I think since they are so cheap they are actually made out of plastic and they too can be marked on with a dry eraser.

The blank cards are used for my obstacle deck while the playing cards are used for my detail deck. The numbers and suites will add new elements to the details. Such as location/arena type(connected with old school hack - you'll see what I mean by this in my next update), as well as initiative and if an encounter happens right away or later. I'm planning on having the numbers and suites randomized each time via a table so when creating the cards you will never be able to anticipate results.

If you don't know about Old School Hack, you should. Could be the best 'rules lite' rpg I've ever read. It's free so check it out here:

more later soon...

PS. I've been having issues with people being able to leave comments so I will try to get that worked out before my next post.

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