Thursday, January 12, 2012


A week back, I received this awesomeness in the mail from inkwell ideas. While the Dungeonmorph dice look great, I decided to go with the geomorph cards. The cards are 2.5" and come in packs of 90 which include the Adventure, Explorer, and Spelunker geomorphs originally created for the dice. The design of these are beautiful - reminds me of the original D&D geomorph sets.

This is a great deal for about 20 bucks including shipping. The variety of dungeons you can create with these cards are endless. You can get a pack here:

I'll be looking to use these for a solo dungeon crawl. Maybe use the cards in a dungeon stack similar to Wrath of Ashardalon by laying out each new card as I reach an unexplored edge. I'll generate room contents with the Moldvay Basic D&D dungeon generator.

Also for those on a budget:

These are the original designs that started the Geomorph craze a few years back. Check them out at Dyson Logos:

I printed all 17 sheets of these off at Kinkos on 100 lb card stock for the princely sum of $3.50.


Dyson Logos said...


I still use my own geomorphs all the time - and there are a bunch of mine in the mix with the ones from Inkwell. It's awesome seeing my standard template being used as the de-facto industry standard now.

zircher said...

"...Geomorph craze a few years back." Gosh, now I feel like a grognard. I've been in love with geomorphs since the Judge's Guild days and the random dungeon generator in the original DMG. :-)

Great stuff, thanks for posting.